Welcome to Tamralipta Mahavidyalaya Central Library

"My library is the place where I find inspiration, information, and connection with the world - and peace." ― Ruth W. Crock

The college began its journey with just a few subjects and the college library was also started to serve the users. At this stage the users were very meager. The college has now flourished from its embryonic stage to a multi disciplinary faculty, subsequently, the needs of the users has also been increased. The B.Ed class started on 1965 with strength of 125 students. At present the number of departments is nineteen with B Ed, Commerce and P.G. Bengali, History, Sanskrit, Zoology etc. Despite limited resources and several financial constraints, shortage of staffs and infrastructural limitations, we are doing our best to meet the demands of our users by rendering various services to all with the combined efforts of our staff members as well as authority.